Date: April 12th, 2022 at 12pm

TitleBest Practices in Case Notes Documentation 

About the Session:-

Writing accurate notes and keeping records of all activities related to your client is mandatory in most client-centered services. Documenting correctly to ensure files are in compliance with the policy is a learned skill that some have mastered and many continue to find it challenging. The challenge many faces is the lack of time, not knowing what exactly to write or how to briefly, and clearly capture the information. 

This 1-hour webinar will be an opportunity to share with each other what works well or the Best Practices used in writing case notes. Please come prepared to share how YOU keep accurate records in client case notes that ensure compliance with policies and protocols issued by your organization, government, and/or funder. 

About the Speaker: -

Judi Huta is a Certified Career Development Practitioner, Certified in Reality Therapy /Control Theory, has a Diploma as a Child Care Worker and over 40 years of experience serving others by helping them see opportunities, and possibilities and feel hopeful again. Leader, facilitator, career coach, instructor, and a friend are some of the roles through which Judi serves. She is the eternal optimist who sees every experience as a life lesson, that all things matter and she is relentless in finding the reason or the why. Judi believes her calling is to share her lived experiences with others - focusing on finding common ground to build connections and a sense of community, of  Belonging.

 Judi is an instructor at Douglas College in the Career Development Practitioner Program teaching Case Management and Career Development Practice, a subcontractor for ETHOS Career Management Group serving WorkSafe clients and continues to offer other employment-related training as needed.

BCCDA APRIL WEBINAR- Best Practices in Case Notes Documentation

  • April 12, 2023