Time: 10. October 2018 - 12pm to 1pm

Title: The Fine Art of Job Carving for Individuals with Diverse Abilities.

Presenter: Anita Parti

Cost: Free - Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording

About the session

This workshop is designed for employment specialists and job developers who work to assist people who have diverse abilities to secure and sustain meaningful employment.

Most job seekers compete for and obtain employment through a traditional job search and hiring process. Through supported employment or accommodations, many maintain their employment but some do not as they may not be able to complete the main functions and tasks of the job.

This workshop is a look at job carving and how it is gaining popularity as a way to create new employment opportunities for people with many different diverse abilities.

Employers increasingly struggle to meet their labour market needs and carving a specific position is ultimately cost effective for a company’s bottom line. In this workshop an introduction to job carving will be introduced as well as the type of individuals that would benefit from it. We will explore the tools that Employment Specialists can use that can help to guide the actions of employment specialists as they present this idea to potential employers.

About the presenter

Anita Parti is a seasoned Employment Specialist with a wealth of experience in Job Development. Having worked with new immigrants to Canada, individuals with mental health concerns and those with intellectual disabilities.

Anita has provided many informative workshops on various subjects throughout her working career. Anita’s facilitation style is fun and collaborative creating a positive learning environment for anyone wanting to explore working with individuals with diverse abilities.

Webinar - October 2018 - The Fine Art of Job Carving for Individuals with Diverse Abilities.

  • Wednesday Oct 10 2018, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Canada