Time: 14. November 2018 – 12pm to 1pm

Title: Why the Five Stages of Grief Model is Problematic

Presenter: Dr. Catherine Hajnal

Cost: Free – Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording


About the session

The Five Stages of Grief model of Kübler-Ross is entrenched in career and change management literature. In our desire to support our client’s exploration of loss in the career context, we may be doing them a disservice by referring to a model that doesn’t reflect what we now know about the process of grieving.

In this session we’ll explore why the Five Stages model is problematic and identify alternatives to support loss conversations with clients.

About the presenter

Catherine Hajnal completed her doctorate in Human Factors Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. She explored the connection between occupational stress and the design of work and has been engaged with health and well-being ever since.

She specializes in loss, grief, and mourning and holds them in a container of hope and possibility. She fosters healthy grieving, creating learning environments and conversations in which individuals feel empowered to acknowledge and find meaning in their losses.




Webinar - November 2018 - Why the Five Stages of Grief Model is Problematic

  • Wednesday Nov 14 2018, 12:02 PM - 1:30 PM
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